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Goa, the 25th state of the Union of India with a geographical area of 3702 sq. kms., is one of the smallest states of the Indian Union. The State lies along the Western Coast (Konkan Coast) 600 kms., south of Bombay and 300 Kms., north of Managalore. The state is bounded on the north by the river Teracol, which separates it from Sindhudurg district of Maharashtra State; in the east and south by Belgaum and Utthar Kannada districts of the Karnataka State respectively; and in the west by Arabian Sea.

The physiographic characteristics are rich and varied consisting of verdant hills, forests, coconut groves and rich fields. The soil in general is laterite.

The climate of Goa State is warm and humid. During June-September months heavy rainfall is received from the southwest monsoon which ranges between 3000 mm to 3400mm. The temperature ranges from 22 C during rainy season to 34 C during summer months.
For administrative convenience, the state is divided into two districts viz. North Goa and South Goa, each under the administrative control of District Collector. The districts are further divided into 11 talukas i.e. 6 under North Goa District and 5 under South Goa District for the sake of revenue administration, each headed by a Mamlatdar. For developmental purposes, the state of Goa is divided into 10 community development blocks each headed by a Block Development Officer. There are 185 village panchayats in the state.

1. Total Population -
Total - 1457723
Males - 740711
Females - 717012

2. Decadal Population Growth 2001-2011: Absolute Percentage
Total - 110055 (8.17%)
Males - 53463 (7.78%)
Females - 56592 (8.57%)

3. Population Density (Per Sq.Km.) - 394

4. Sex Ratio (Number of females - 968
Per 1000 males)

5. Literacy Absolute Rate*

Persons - 1152117 (87.40%)
Males - 620026 (92.81%)
Females - 532091 ( 81.84%)

*Literacy rate is the percentage of literates to population aged 7 years and above.

6. Sex Ratio (Number of females - 961 Per 1000 males)

7. Number of Districts 2

South Goa District
North Goa District

8. Area : 3702 sq. KM

9. Capital : PANAJI

10. Climate : Min-17; Max-35

11. Average Rainfall : 300 cms

12. Languages spoken : Konkani, English, Hindi, Marathi.
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